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Sell quality product that people use in daily life. Earn in three ways:

  • 10 to 30 % retail profit from every SunEdge product you sell.
  • Nine types of bonuses calculated from your business growth.
  • After you complete important targets in your business, you will get incentives or domestic and national level tour.

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Our commitment is to provide superior quality products for happy customer and happy business owners. All SunEdge products – Food supplements, personal care, beauty cosmetic, Agri products- are dedicated by our 100% satisfaction guarantee, SunEdge PROMISE.

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SunEdge offers free presentations, videos, speaker notes, product training program, sales training and leadership so you can move forward and faster in business.

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SunEdge provide you with resources like business broacher to get started quickly your business from anywhere. SunEdge provide user friendly software Use your mobile device to order product, track sale.


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SunEdge commitment to people has been abiding from day one. SunEdge offers an opportunity for everyone to own a successful business and earn extra income, offering financial stability for you and your family. Life satisfaction is a measure of a person’s well-being.

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