Code of Conduct

The Present CIRCULAR IS FOR Those who have been working in Sun Edge Marketing Pvt. Ltd. as a Direct Seller have signed the code of Conduct at the time of Joining the Company:-

The Direct sellers have read and understood the code of conduct and have signed the same. Also have read and understood the duties and responsibilities he has as a Direct seller and a Representative of a company.

The Direct Seller is not misrepresented, provide wrong information and or do any action which will contravene any sections in Code of Conduct Specifically Section 4, 8, and 9, of the code of conduct with regards to the Marketing Plan, trademark etc.

If any of the direct Sellers are found contravening any of the above sections of code of conduct and or doing any activity in general contravention of any law will be answerable to the disciplinary committee and will also be liable to any actions taken by the Committee specifically under section 12 and 13 of the code of conduct which was signed.

The Direct Seller has accepted and will  be  carrying  out  all  the necessary responsibilities of a Sun Edge Direct seller as set forth or published in any of the Official Sun edge Publications issued by the Management such as the present Circular.

The Direct seller of Sun Edge will be thorough in Product sale activities, and for the purposes of protecting the Sun edge sale and Marketing Plan, the direct seller is to take all the necessary care and caution for the same.

Any of the Direct Seller will never be or in any way be instrumental to be switching between the groups and or between the team. The Direct Seller will not be instrumental to lead any kind of action which will lead to someone or himself to switch from one team or group or as an entire group.

In case a Direct Seller is seen to be instrumental in  switching  of teams, he will be held responsible for the same, and any and all necessary actions taken by the Company and Sun Edge disciplinary committee as per the terms and conditions given in Code of Conduct under section 12, 13 and 14.

In the case if a Direct Seller who has left Sun Edge Marketing Pvt. Ltd. and is Badmouthing or Defaming or spreading rumors against Sun Edge his ID will be Suspended immediately and after a period of 30 days his ID will be permanently deleted from the Sun Edge System.

As a Direct Seller it is his responsibility to adhere to the rules and regulations given in the code of conduct and also will be liable for any and all actions made by him.